Coaching is a partnership, a collaboration between you and I. It is often more comfortable to share with a mentor you can trust, rather than friends or family who carry expectations of you. Together we will ensure supportive structures are in place in your life as you discover new perspectives and fulfilling directions. 

As a guide, I can help you across the rough and steep places of your life. My personal and professional experiences, intuited and empathic insights will become tools for you to move forward, to begin the change, to see more deeply within. 

While there will be many tools that we’ll use, we will also work with the elements of nature, to truly bring perspective to your life and the world. Every breath brings more spaciousness in your perspective. Water courses through every cell of your body. Fire brings light, warmth and creativity. Earth provides reminders to nourish and honor your body. As a coach, I will encourage you to be curious with these elements and open to journeying into their gifts in a completely different way.

The word I always use to describe Nancy’s work is CATALYST. Working behind the scenes of the seen world you have a powerful skill to clear the way for someone in what is to come next for them in their life (or what could come next).

~ Brett

Nancy is wonderful. Through a guided meditation with her, I discovered a place in my mind that I hadn’t accessed before. It’s a special place just for me, a space where I can learn and grow and think. Without her, I don’t know that I would have it for my mental tool kit. What I love about her as a coach is how she listens and asks questions in a way that greases the wheels for me to understand myself.

~ Farris