Sacred Journey to Mount Diablo
10:00 AM10:00

Sacred Journey to Mount Diablo

Create sacred ceremony at a stone cairn site (apacheta) on Mt Diablo . . . to honor and thank this mountain for the energy and wisdom it holds on this earth. Bringing gifts to the mountain in exchange for his many treasures.

And requesting permission to collect stones and offerings from him to use in building Apacheta cairns throughout the Bay Area in the near future.

Apacheta altars are built throughout the mountains in Peru, providing anchoring points to channel energy from the heavens into the Earth.

To strengthen the flow of Earth’s energetic grid . . . Anchoring and strengthening a compassionate flow in this vortex known as the Bay Area.

ALREADY have an Apacheta?
You want to join in the Sacred Journeys anyway?
Just to appreciate trekking with intentional gratitude?
Or maybe your Apacheta is calling for renewal?
Time to bolster your intentions and work?

LOCATION: Meet and car pool to mountain trail
Northgate High School
425 Castle Rock Rd
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

1. Natural gifts i.e. incense, tobacco, spices, waters, feathers, stones, etc.
2. Light food and drink. We'll create picnic time too.

Journeys to one of the Four Directions are planned monthly.
February 17 to the East
March 17 to the South
April 14 to the West
May 12 to the North

June - Apacheta building time! Summer Solstice!

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New Year / Full Moon Celebration
4:00 PM16:00

New Year / Full Moon Celebration

  • 1426 Glenfield Avenue Oakland, CA, 94602 United States (map)
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Join me in the Breeezeway gardens for a celebration of the New Year . . . 

I'm so excited to share the new Breeezeway space, a truly nurturing creative oasis in the middle of busy Oakland neighborhood. There will be food, music, and fresh air to celebrate making it through diverse situations in 2017 to this stage. OMG what a year!

And what is in store for 2018?

At sunset, we'll stop to honor the setting Sun and rising Full Moon, which symbolize setting of 2017 dreams and experiences . . . ushering in the fresh 2018 life cycle. Fire, water, music and Peruvian ceremony will set the space for wisdom and insights necessary for continuation on this good Red Road.

Mucho Munay, Nancy

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