The Bre-e-ezeway



Mentor / Coach / Intuit / Shamanic Healer

Welcome to the Breeezeway,
the space between two structures
or situations in life,
supported with fresh air and light.

My work, grounded in natural elements of the earth, focuses on taking you outside the analytical circles in your head . . . finding fresh air,  stillness and an absolute peace from your inner guidance. Accessing innate wisdom within our bodies, whether actually tromping through the aromatic woods or accessing it via a guided journey, provides the catalyst for this deep knowledge.

The ‘how’ we work comes in a form most conducive to your schedule and needs. Whether through a phone conversation, an excursion in nature, a guided inner journey, somatic meditations, shamanic healing, or sacred  ceremony, I will help you find new perspectives that bring resolute clarity.

I look forward to hearing about your aspirations and thirst for clarity.

Nancy Salmons

I can honestly say-I have been blown away by Nancy’s intuition and ability to “hold up the mirror” in a way I can understand and respond to. Creative approaches and exercises are a strong point for her.
— Jessica

tell me about you...

  • Are you ready to shift into greater appreciation of life?

  • Do you feel unsettled or stuck in a situation?

  • Do you want action steps and direction for issues?

  • Are you curious what you could learn from your heart, gut, and body . . . while your head is busy twirling on the hamster wheel?

  • Are you ready to look deep into patterns that could be blocking your direction?

  • Are you willing to try new approaches, angles and active work?

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