Dia De Los Muertos in January

A Little Bit About My Journey

I’ve been in the San Francisco Bay Area for three years now. Drawn to this land with dreams and visions. Visions of the energetic vortex, like a funnel through this whole area.

I traveled the Medicine Wheel within the first year. First to the South, then to the West, to the North, and the East. Exploring the land, ancient trees and trekking the mountainous hills surrounding the Bay. Honoring each spread of magnificent beauty with tobacco and waters. Giving gratitude for the wisdom and peaceful slow steady energy exuding from each. Now I’m settling into an amazing space in Oakland.

As I sat in this new space on Dia de Los Muertos, I set the intention to honor ancestors and welcome any that would be of value to my journey. My grandfather Robert came to mind. A man I had only seen perhaps four or five times in my life.

My family lived in the Midwest and these grandparents moved to Sacramento, CA when I was a toddler. Memories of Grandpa Hamilton always included perusing his backyard . . . a veritable fruit orchard, plus numerous unique plants. There were so many trees and plants that I had to walk a narrow winding path to get through the labyrinth known as Grandpa’s garden.

Grandpa spent many hours nurturing and creating in this space. He knew each scientific genus name and attempted to graft different varieties into unique new species. Hidden in between the diverse jungle known as a backyard, were dozens of rock species that he and Grandma had collected on rock hunting expeditions. Rock hunting, plant development and birding were their favorite weekend adventures.

And somehow, across the thousands of miles, their influence developed in me a curiosity for all things nature. My mother also took us on nature hikes. Other kids in the neighborhood watched TV and went roller skating. We were forced to avoid these ‘evils’ and play outside, or hike in parks. It’s funny how these people who have been very absent in my adult life have formed so many of my interests and curiosities for science and spiritual connection in nature.


Dia de Los Muertos and Grandfather

Dia de Los Muertos. Day of the Dead. All Saints Day. A day set aside to honor the ancestors, as the veil between their world and ours is thinner that day. A day to connect wisdom from the past with dreams of the present.

My grandfather is here.
Here in Cali. With me on this journey.
This journey. This work.
Honoring the earth and ancestors. Spirits of all.


Grandfather showed me a Dream

Anchoring the energy of this Bay Area Vortex
Giving gratitude and honor to these sacred keepers of the knowledge and energies
Anchoring with the mountains
Anchoring with the ancient trees
Anchoring from the South in the hills and trees
Anchoring from the West in the hills and ocean
Anchoring from the North in the mountains and trees
Anchoring from the East in the mountains and trees
Anchoring in my Center
    In the Heart
    In the place of Service
    In my yard in Oakland
To an Apacheta altar

Anchoring with all the magnificence of Pachamama.
To this Apacheta
An anchoring point to channel energy from the heavens into the Earth
To strengthen the flow of Earth’s energetic grid
Anchoring and strengthening a compassionate flow in this vortex known as the Bay Area

Grandfather says this is the time for renewing Pachamama’s energetic grid
Anchoring the sometimes frenetic waves

Thank you Grandfather
For your knowledge and love of this piece of Earth.
For your wisdom and guidance
For accompanying me on this journey.


Apachetas: Rock cairns

I’m excited to use the best tools I know of for this work. The Peruvian Pachakuti Mesa tools.
In Peru rock cairns, known as Apachetas, are found throughout the Andes mountains. These sit at high points, from where the waters flow down and nourish life below. They are known for channeling energy and as powerful allies for all.


Sacred Journeys to the Four Directions of Bay Area

And so I begin this journey to honor our Sacred Land.
I will ask these wisdom keepers for gifts for my Apacheta altar.
Collecting stones and offerings from the four corners to build my centering Apacheta.

Journeys to each direction will be once a month.
February to the South
March to the West
April to the North
May to the East

And Apacheta building by the Summer Solstice.


Please join me!

I invite anyone that would like to journey with me.
You may already have an Apacheta, but want to join in the Sacred Journeys anyway.
Or maybe your Apacheta is calling for renewal and this is just the thing to help bolster your intentions and work.

Any knowledge you have about sacred areas that would provide exemplary assistance in this endeavor is GREATLY welcomed. Please message me.

I’m also planning to provide links for those that want to join, but unable to physically join for the excursions.

We’ll put together details for Apacheta building in the future, and hopefully be able to gather in assisting with building them as well.

I’ll post Events for the specific dates and further details as they come in!!


I look forward to Journeying with you!

Mucho Munay, Nancy