Apacheta building with Mount Diablo

Ravens flying loopty loops

Vultures swooping for a closer look

Ladybugs flittering in and out

Vast sunrays saturating our bodies

Loose geometric redrock underfoot

Bay stretching on one side and the River Delta on the other

Occasional wind gusts through our souls

Pure air and silence

The Mountain provided all the nourishment we could imagine.

We went stumbling down the rocky trail carrying gifts of flowers, waters, tobacco, precious stones, incense, sage, bay leaves and cedar.

We reconstructed the Apacheta (stone cairn), flowing with fresh guidance from the ancestors, calling in the Spirits and Knowledge of the Directions. Flowered, watered, and gifted this masterpiece. Re-opened the energetic portal.

And stood in absolute Awe

Thank you Mount Diablo for holding the knowledge and energy in this East Bay!


Nancy Salmons